Jenn (Mom)

Hi Everyone! Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit our little blog 🙂

Well what can I tell you about me? My name is Jenn. I’m 30 years old, I have one son who is 13 years old, and we were born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada. Someday I would love to live in British Columbia, somewhere close to the Rocky Mountains, but until then, we make our home here, where our family is.

I have loved dogs since the time I could walk. Maybe even before then. Throughout the years, growing up, we had many. Different breeds, sizes, shapes and colors. A lot of if not the majority of the care of those dogs, fell to me, as my Mother worked full time. From feeding and cleaning up after them, to walking and training the dogs, that was my duty. I always seemed to have a way with animals that didn’t like other people for some reason. Dogs, cats, even a couple of horses that no one else could get close to, as a child, they seemed to like me. I don’t know why, but I always had a “thing” for the rebels too lol.

Of all the breeds of dogs we shared our home with however, my passion and secret yearning was always for the Great Dane. And not just any Great Dane, a specific one. A black male. Which, looking back on it, is quite odd considering at that time, I had no idea that the breed came in any other color but fawn and brindle. You see, before I was born and up to age 2 or 3, my father had two Great Danes. A fawn male, and a brindle female. I don’t even remember them, but somehow, there was something in my subconscious that yearned for this black male Dane. For years afterward, I would have recurring dreams about this one specific dog. Until the day, a little over 2 years ago…that dream became a reality when I found Luke. That is another story 🙂

For years, I have been reading and researching dogs (GD’s in particular, as well as other mastiff breeds))  From training techniques and behavior theories, to canine nutrition, specifically concerning giant breeds, to health issues. I lurked in Great Dane forums, I stalked breeder websites, I burned the eyes out of my head staring at every single picture Google had with a Great Dane in it. I was obsessed. However my life was not in a place where I could have one of my own. So I lurked, and I read, and I learned. And I waited.

I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement training. Long before I ever knew of Victoria Stillwell or Ian Dunbar, long before Cesar Milan became a television star, I have always used positive methods to train and work with any dog I came across. It was just instinctive to me. You want the dog to enjoy working with you. Even if it’s something as simple as recall, or sit/stay. Since we had such a variety of different breeds over the years, I came to realize that there are indeed differences, and sometimes you have to make allowances for those differences. I realized that no two dogs were exactly alike, nor did all dogs respond to the same methods. Different energy levels, different learning abilities, it all matters. That is when I started realizing how important it was for people to really research and get to know the breed of dog they wanted before ever bringing one home, because often times, the dog they think they want, is the last dog they should have.

I am a stickler on good nutrition after all the reading I’ve done, the witnessing of how trying to save a few bucks on cheaper food has affected dogs all across the board. I am no vet. I am no expert, and I do not claim to be. Far from it. I consider every day a chance to learn even more than the day before. You can never know too much! However I am comfortable with the amount of knowledge I have gathered thus far, and I help to educate new Dane owners often on what foods are quality kibble, what foods to try if the dog suffers from allergies, which foods have had good results in large numbers, and which have not.  I am a firm believer in the saying “when you know better, you DO better. Or you SHOULD!” Once a person starts to understand just what it is they are feeding their dogs, and how it is not only healthier, but often times cheaper, to pick a higher quality kibble, then there is no longer any excuse for feeding low quality, junk filled garbage that looks good on the bag and the commercial but has ingredients you wouldn’t want to feed a rabies ridden rat.

I am passionate about this breed, and I will never apologize for that. The fact is that no matter how easy access we now have thanks to the internet, there are still millions of people across the globe who do not educate themselves before bringing home a new pup. Those people then start having questions, and for them, I will gladly take time out of my day to help answer any questions they have, and if I don’t know the answer, I will try my best to help find it for them. Or lead them in the right direction to someone who does know. I am passionate about proper breeding ethics. You cannot TRULY love and respect a breed or breeds of dogs, and not support ethical, smart and healthy breeding practices. It’s really that simple. Oh, there are always a ton of great sounding excuses for those who don’t feel the need to be the best they can be, but I’m not a good person to use excuses on 😉 You learn, you do better, you BE better.

I’m a pretty open minded and free spoken person. If I feel it, you can almost bet that I’ll say it 🙂 I am usually the one being diplomatic about it, but not always. You push my buttons enough and you will get pushed back. I am no one’s fool, nor do I put up with liars, or those who cry poor me all the time when it’s of their own doing. I am a strong woman, I have survived through things that no one should ever have to, and I will always survive.  Sometimes I can be seem cold, sometimes I even am, but for those that I love, they have my all, I will fight to the death to protect and look after those I care for. I value loyalty, and honesty. I believe that true friends should be able to speak their mind without fear of being dumped like a bag of garbage when the other person doesn’t like what they hear. I am at the end of the day, quite complex, and sometimes impossible to understand. That’s ok with me. I don’t need people to understand me, nor agree with me all the time. I do demand that they give me the same courtesy and respect that I show them, otherwise…there’s the door, don’t let it hit ya on the way out kind of thing 😉

Aside from dogs, I love horses. Sadly, I haven’t had nearly as much exposure to them as I had always hoped. Since having my son, and going through the past 13 years with him and the difficulties that entailed, I just haven’t had much of an outside life of my own, where I had an opportunity to get out there and do the things I so loved doing. Someday I would love to have my own property with space for at least one horse. I would also love to help run a rescue for giant breeds some day. A lot of dreams…

I love to read. In fact, I HAVE to read. Fiction mostly ((I get enough reality in my life lol))  I enjoy historical romance, contemporary romance, crime and thriller type books, em! Some of my favorite authors are Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Bertrice Small, Johanna Lindsay, Luanne Rice, Laurell K Hamilton. Just to name a few 😛 I read a book every other day or so. Thank God for libraries!!!

I NEED music in my life. I have a pretty eclectic mix of taste. I like anything from current pop, hip hop and dance, to rock and alternative. Anything from Korn to Rihanna. With some oldies thrown in there too 😛

I don’t have cable at the moment but I do enjoy some shows online. Right now I’m loving Person of Interest. True Blood of course, The Vampire Diaries. Spartacus is a big favorite of mine. Loved the Borjias, The Tudors, Rome. House, Criminal Minds.

Hopefully this will be my year to start doing the things that I need to do for me. Making goals for myself and seeing them through. The past few years have not been easy. In fact, none of my years have lol, and it is one of the reasons Luke is such a treasure to me. In many ways, he truly saved me. He has been my world, my light, the emotion, the good in me, for the past 2 years. I could not ask for a better friend, a better companion. He is more than that. He is literally my everything. He is what gets me up in the morning. He is what makes me fight chronic pain to get off my ass and get him out there to explore. He keeps me sane when the stress and the constant upset of things going on in my life would make me want to shut down, and shut off. He is not “just a dog”. And I don’t even want to imagine what I would do without him now.
I try every day, to give him the very best life that I am capable of giving him. I pray every night that it will be enough. I KNOW he is incredibly lucky in so many ways. I do know that. When I think of how so many dogs out there live, I would have to be crazy not to realize how good he has it, but I’m sure you understand, when you love someone so much, you always wonder if you are doing enough. He’s a happy, healthy, confident boy though, so maybe I’m doing ok 🙂

I love to write. When I have the time to actually sit un interrupted and write that is. I’m hoping I will have those free moments to keep this blog up better than I have been.

I look forward to reading other blogs as well, and chatting with those of you who stop by. It’s always nice to meet new people, especially those who share in your passion and interest in dogs. Thanks again for stopping by! I hope at least  something I write will interest you from time to time 😛

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