It’s a Brand New Year!!!

Hi everyone! Luke here…. I’z hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! I had a good one. I’z got some nice prezzies, had a turkey dinner ((Mom had to leave me ALONE for christmas dinner since it was at our Grampy’s house and there was too many people there to take me 😦 )) Here are some pictures of me on Christmas, and a video of me opening my gifts. Well, Mom opened dem actually, since I was too excited about the first toy I’z got.


A few of my gifts

My new collar with the new name/number tag.

Posing my handsome self πŸ˜›


I LOVEEEE treats!

Just me and Mom πŸ™‚


So, we had a nice quiet Christmas. I hope you all got whatever you wanted.

Here’s some bad pictures of Mom and I out on a night time walk πŸ˜›

In the parking lot of Brother’s school

In front of our my favorite pee tree πŸ˜›

My new coat kept me nice and warm that night!


On New Years Eve…we had Kayla over. We didn’t do much. Mom wasn’t feeling the best, so we had a quiet night. Until the neighbors starting partying ((they do that a LOT here!)) Then the fireworks started, so Mom and I went downstairs to watch them from our living room window. I wouldn’t go outside in the yard because it was raining. I hate the rain! Mom says we have to make resolutions, but she hasn’t really thought of many, other than hoping this new year will be better for us than the last one was. One thing though…we want to start keeping my blog up better this year!

So yesterday we took Β Kayla back to her house. On the way back home, we stopped to have a little run behind the mall. Mom wanted to get some “thug wannabe” pictures of us in front of the graffiti filled walls as a joke. It was COOOOLD! I was so glad I had my nice warm coat on, but Mom wasn’t so smart. She didn’t want to wear her old green winter jacket and look funny, so herz wore two hoodies instead. Well…she regretted it after ten minutes outside. It was freezing and then, so was she! Silly Mamma!

Here I am showing my distaste at pretending to be a “gangsta”.

Here we are together..before Mom ran home crying that her hands were gonna break off from the cold.

Thanks for stopping by! I’z will see you in the next blog πŸ™‚ ~Luke~
I will try my best to post more often, and get around to everyone’s blogs to read and leave comments as I’m able. I hope everyone had a great holiday. I want to share some great articles on training and other canine related issues that I’ve come across and enjoyed, and will do so, when I have time. See you soon! ~Jenn~