Luke’s new Coat..A GREAT company for those looking for giant breed coats!

How could I have forgotten to post this earlier? Ahh, stress and the ever fading memory of a 30 year old 😛
Anyway…back to the topic. Back in November, I was searching for a good deal on a coat that would fit Luke. I came across the Tootlewear website and could hardly believe the price, the quality and add to that, FREE SHIPPING! So, I ordered Luke their winter coat, and it came a couple of weeks later. ((It was later for me because I had just set up a paypal account for the first time, and had to wait for my money to clear))

I am VERY pleased with the coat, and the “snood” that came with it. Not only does it fit perfectly, it’s warm, it looks great, and it has his name embroidered on the side for no extra charge! I highly recommend this company. Their website and facebook page is listed below the pictures of Luke in his coat.


Their website:

Facebook page:

Luke and I say a big THANK YOU to Heather and Tootlewear!

6 thoughts on “Luke’s new Coat..A GREAT company for those looking for giant breed coats!

  1. Hello! We saw your blog, and thought we wil drop by and have a look! Wow! Great blog 🙂 Love your coat. And look and the number of presents you have! Lucky boy 🙂

    The Musketeers

    • Yeah they are a great company, I was very pleased with them, especially since it was my first big purchase online and I was kind of scared to do it lol.

  2. Thanks for dropping by our blog 🙂
    We have a good read of yours and we love it, we can’t wait to read more.
    That jacket is fantastic, mum has had trouble finding a jacket for Sampson round here and hes still a pup- we think pet shops should also cater for us larger doggies. We especially loved the snood.


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