Another Picture & Video Catch Up Post

I’m still alive! lol. Depending on how you look at it that is lol. In all seriousness, it has been a really tough few months for me which is why I haven’t felt up to blogging much. If only the non dog portion of my life were as positive and enjoyable as my life and love with Luke. Unfortunately, family, health and other life drama is not the fun loving experience I share with him.

It’s been a very long winter here…We’ve had so much snow and freezing rain, ice…that getting out and about was a real challenge this year. There were days where we were literally housebound, the roads and sidewalks were THAT bad. Thank God it is now starting to warm up a bit, the snow is pretty much gone, and Luke is very happy to be out running in the football fields again.

We’ve had Mom’s dog Kayla over a lot this winter. She has a very strong attachment to me. Not so much Luke lol. She puts up with him in order to come be with her “sissy”. Poor Luke loves her to death, but she’s a different sort of dog. She doesn’t understand the concept of play and never has. She’s kind of sad really. Totally a people dog. Luke tries so hard to teach her how to play tug of war, or chase me, ANYTHING besides put your paw on my head and growl at me, all to no avail I’m afraid 😛

Anyway I’ve taken some videos and pictures of the two of them over the past month or so.


A fun video I made to show Luke’s bad luck with the ladies 😛


Got a few pics and a video of him trying his best to share his toy and get some kisses before they fell asleep.
"I love my snakey"


"If I share it with her, do you think she might love me more?"

" I am the mistress…You will obey me"

"Momma it’s not working "


And a video I made to show how much he grew from his first winter, running in Grampy’s back yard versus this winter when he visited.



Fun at the park 🙂







Oh we can’t forget the one where he almost killed me at the park 😛