Pets more trustworthy than people: Survey

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Pets more trustworthy than people: Survey

This article is so true!LOL It proves that we Canadians are smart. We know our pets make better company than most humans we know 😛

Canadian pet owners would rather deal with their furry friends than other people: You bet we would! lol

The study revealed that 53 per cent of Canadians who own pets find them more reliable than people: No kidding! lol

Ninety per cent of Canadians talk to their pets and one-third have confided their deepest, darkest secrets to Fido or Milo or Hero. Yes…I talk to Luke about pretty much everything. Atleast I know he can keep his mouth shut and he never judges.

Pets have always been a social network of sorts. According to the survey, 61 per cent of pet owners say their neighbours talk to them more when they are with their pet, and about 41 per cent say their pets have helped them begin a new relationship with someone they might not have otherwise met.

Pet people seem to meet other pet people. THIS part I really can relate to. I have never been a groupie…never too keen on hanging out in crowds or large groups of friends at once…yet ever since Luke came into my life, I have met more people, speak or write daily to people all over the world, people who I share a lot of common ground with, even more so than just our love of Great Danes or other pets. Some of my closest friends now, are those I met online through pet groups or forums. I look forward to chatting with them daily, sharing our stories and experiences with our beloved animals, learning from one another. I talk more to people now than I ever did. Yes, the thread that binds us is our common love for our dogs, but we soon find other interests that we share and a closeness is formed when every day you’re sharing your life with these people. In offline life, I’ve met TONS of new people. Most of which I may never see again, but Luke has been the cause of so many great conversations, opportunities to educate those who are interested in the breed. I have found that my pet lover friends are more supportive and understanding in all areas of life, are there for you when you’re down, need prayers or advice, than people I’ve known my entire life. So yes, pets bring people closer together, there is no doubt whatsoever about that. Just look at what pet blogs have done to bring awareness and cause close friendships to form!

61 per cent of survey respondents said their pets deal with them differently when they are sick. Pet owners said their animals helped lift their spirits. Again, I can relate to this statement. As a person who suffers from chronic pain…I cannot begin to tell you the impact Luke has had on my life, on my health. If it weren’t for him some days? I’d never get out of bed. He has given me a reason to fight, to keep on going when every fiber of my being wants to just lay down and sleep. He gets me up and out there, pushing through the pain to take him on his walks, to play and laugh and have fun with him. Just looking at Luke makes me happier than anything else has ever done. He truly is and has been, a life saver to me…in more ways than I can say. He never leaves my side when I’m feeling really low or in a lot of pain. When I had my surgery to have my teeth removed, he didn’t even want to go out to pee lol. He never acted hyper or got the zoomies…never pushed me to get out there, but yet I did it, because I knew he needed me to. I wouldn’t have done it for anyone else!

I think we’ve seen enough evidence on the many positive effects therapy dogs have had on the lives they touch while on the job. There is no debating that animals are truly remarkable creatures who we humans can learn a lot from, if we just get past that human-like mentality that we are above everything else on the planet, smarter, more evolved……better. The more I see of the human race and its’ actions..the more convinced I am that animals are the greater species 🙂

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