Happy Belated Holidays Everyone!

Mom has been lazy with my blog again, but she’s trying to catch up by visiting as many blogs and commenting as she can. We hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Years! Ours was nice, very quiet. Mom didn’t feel up to doing the big family gatherings this year, so we stayed at home and had our dinner with my human brother Tyler and Patty. I got some turkey dinner…I LOVE turkey! Here’s me watching Patty stuff and baste it 🙂


I got some great prezzies too!

Did someone say prezzies? For me? Im on my wayyyy!

Let’s see what’s in here

Is that a steak?? But it squeeks!

FINALLY I get the one Mamma kept hiding from me!

Ohh a new stuffie!!!!

Mamma hers said we have to WAIT to eat.. Crying or Very sad I’ll just chill here wit my doggy til it’s ready


Or maybe try a little rubber steak to tide me over?

So, christmas is over and a new year has begun. Mom says we have some goals she’d like us to achieve. She wants to work on fun new tricks with me, and try to get together more often with our fellow dane friends. I heard Mom and Patty talking about me going to the vet later this month too. Something about being neutered? I don’t think I like the sounds of that!! More on that topic later….

Anyway I better go..nap time! See you on your blogs.


Hi everyone…so sorry I haven’t been around to visit and comment lately. Things have been pretty hectic here, alot of changes and personal issues happening, but I’m trying now to catch up, I’ll get to everyone sooner or later.I’m also busy working on my Great Dane Owners forum…Today I did up a brand new background/forum skin, so far I like it. I’d love to see some fellow dane owners join us there for chat and fun, and all things dane. We truly are a close knit happy dane family…and would love to see some new faces and danes on board 🙂  http://slave2ourdanes.yuku.com

See u all later on! Jenn




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