He is My Everything…My Savior

I can honestly say, that without Luke these past few months, I don’t know where I’d be. He has always been the positive in my life since he came to me, the light in the dark, the love and happiness in my heart….but with the things I’ve been going through here at home over the summer and fall months, I credit him for my ability to stay sane and not completely lose it.

He knows me so well…he knows just what I need and when. He’s so patient with me on the days that I just cannot bring myself to be very active. He will snuggle close to me for hours, talking to me and loving on me until I cannot help but smile.

It’s funny how no matter how miserable or sick I am, I cannot be in a bad mood with him. He runs through my house, flinging muck and god knows what else all over the place, messing up the newly washed blankets, and all I can do is laugh because he’s having fun. I take the greatest pleasure in coming home to him with a new toy or treat in a bag, knowing he’ll be looking in those bags, searching for his present. He gets quite peeved with me in fact, if I don’t have one!LOL

Every day the strength and intensity of our bond astounds me. There are times when I’d swear we read each other’s minds! We have conversations with one another, yes, he talks back LOL.

He has become such a wonderful young man….My baby has grown up so fast, so big. He’s now over 38 inches at the shoulder, probably close to 170 pounds, although I haven’t had him properly weighed in a while. We’ve switched to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream a couple of months ago, as I’d noticed that he was getting sick of the chicken soup. I’m very happy with the food..he’s doing just as well on it as he did the CS.

He’s so smart! He has quite the list of commands and vocabulary of words he understands under his belt. That being said, I know my boy, I know when to work with him, and when he’s just not into doing tricks/training. We work together as a team but on his terms. His attention span has never been long LOL. So far, he knows or can do the following:





Roll Over




Catch It

Leave it

Pick it up

Drop it

Bring it


Talk to me

Follow Me

Dig/No Dig lol



Touch It





He knows what many words mean like:
Time for your pill



Did you miss me?
Big Stretch


oh there are just too many to count! It helps that we’re always together and ‘I’m always talking to him, so even if I’m talking to someone on the phone, I know when he understands what we are chatting about lol.
He is still perfect when left alone at home. He still loves meeting new friends. He still comes with me where ever I go that he can go to, including the bathroom lmao. I’m almost tempted to try and teach him to use the toilet since he already knows what it’s for lol.

I wish that he could speak our language, if only for an hour…so I could tell him just how much I love and adore him, how much he’s saved me, how I would give anything, do anything for him. To ask him if there’s anything at all that I could be doing more of, in order to make him as happy as he can be. I know he knows that I love him. He is secure, he has no fears, he comes to me with everything. If he’s unsure about something, he comes to his Mamma. He even wakes me up to hold him in my arms tighter if he had a bad dream. I just wish I could tell him and know he understood the depth of what he means to me. Maybe he does…


One thought on “He is My Everything…My Savior

  1. Hi Jenn,

    Oh he knows how much you love him. You’ve got a very special dog there and the two of you are very lucky to have each other. Post more pictures of your grown up young man when you have a chance. I’d love to see them. Have a Merry Christmas.

    Denise & Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

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