December’s Picture Catch-Up


Here I am again, after neglecting the blog for a few months. There has been a lot going on here at home, so I haven’t felt up to doing much online I’m afraid. Anyway…here are some of Luke’s latest pictures. I’ll add the newest videos to his video page for you all to check out. I hope this post finds you all well and happy and ready for the holidays to come.


Starting with oldest first:

Fun at the park with Kayla, and my little sister Leah










Just a grouchy face


Fun Pics







Luke loves to watch us cook. Here he is learning how to make Patty’s special Potato Salad  lol


“Time to add the eggs”


“Now we add the Miracle Whip”


Be Sure To mix it well Luke!



More fun at the park












Over at Mom’s with Kayla





Luke and Kayla at a new park/field we checked out

DSCF2733 - Copy

DSCF2734 - Copy

DSCF2736 - Copy

DSCF2741 - Copy

DSCF2748 - Copy

DSCF2757 - Copy

DSCF2759 - Copy


DSCF2761 - Copy

DSCF2762 - Copy

DSCF2787 - Copy

DSCF2788 - Copy

DSCF2800 - Copy



Our first real snow


  They put up a christmas tree in the little park at the end of our street…so I had to get some pics of him there.
Snowflakes are falling on my head!

What a pretty tree…but can we run now?

Ok Ok I’ll pose..just one more!

I know we’re not supposed to run offleash but what if you just DROP the leash by mistake Mamma?

Yeehaww it’s fun being a rebel!

Yeah yeah I’m handsome..let’s go to the big parks now

Surveying my Kingdom Wink

A walk through the woods

Can you find the Greatest Dane?




I was out running errands and picked this toy up..I was SUPPOSED to save it til christmas, but I’m worse than a kid when it comes to him, I just HAD to give it to him today Rolling Eyes Embarassed He loves his new "froggy".
Just a little vid of him after I gave it to him. Very Happy



Luke and I were playing around on the bed and Tyler snapped a few pics.
LOVE the wink..I wonder what he’s thinking? Laughing

Good thing he doesn’t have GERMS Shocked Laughing

"Whaaa? U talkin to me?

2 thoughts on “December’s Picture Catch-Up

  1. I hope you had an awesome christmas Denise! We had a pretty quiet one here at home but it was nice. Not as much stress and running around as former years. There’s been alot going on here so it was nice to just relax. The caption/poster pics were created using the site Tiny Pic. That is where I store all of my pictures to share on forums and blogs. They have edit options. Otherwise I generally use paint shop pro for working with photos. I used to create signiture tags before I got Luke…I now only use it for personal pics and creating skins and backgrounds for my great dane forum.

  2. HI Jenn,

    Great pictures of you guys..I love to see the green grass this time of year!! Oh we just hate the snow here! How did you do those pictures with the black frames and the captions? Those are just wonderful.

    If I don’t chat with you before Christmas have a Merry Christmas…I’m off for some last minute shopping now.

    Denise & Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

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