Happy Gotcha Day Luke!!

It’s been a year today since my boy came into my life. I can still remember waiting at the airport for his flight to come in….seeing them bring him out and looking into those big brown eyes with those wrinkles I fell in love with. I remember the drive home, wishing the stupid cab driver would let me take him out of the crate so I could just hold him in my arms. I remember the moment we got home and he just seemed to know what stairs to go up to get to our house. I remember the feel of him the first time I held him, the smell of him, the absolute joy and happiness he brought to my heart for the first time in my life. What a journey we have had together so far! I wish I could freeze this time forever….how I miss those puppy wrinkles and being able to ALMOST pick him up and hold him lol. Now he’s a young man, so handsome..so perfect in every way. I still wake up with his jowls on my cheek and wonder if it’s really true..if he’s really here with me, or if I’m still dreaming the dreams I had of him for over 20 years before he came to me. I’ve had a lot of animals over the years, a lot of dogs, a lot of PEOPLE come and go….but no one…nothing has compared to what I have with this boy. I know a lot of people don’t understand it, and I really don’t expect them to. There are times in our lives where things happen, that make no sense. All I know, is that no matter what happens from here on out, I will always be grateful for the time I had with Luke….Every second with him is a blessing, a gift I never take for granted. He’s special. I know everyone says that about their dogs, but he truly is…almost out of this world, like he isn’t quite dog, not quite human, yet something much more. I know he’s more to me….he’s my world, and I could not love anyone or anything more. <BR>Thank you for being with me….for the fate that led you to me. May we have many more years of fun and love and joy to come. <BR>Mamma loves you!




It was a nice day….after I got home from shopping with Mom, I gave him his treats. A pig’s ear, some all natural treats he LOVED, and a new tug rope. He LOVED this toy for some reason. He usually doesn’t carry toys around the house and beg me to play with him, more like he’ll get them, and then when I happen to go sit on the couch or on the bed he’ll tell me he’d like to play…but this time, he got all happy and wanted to play real bad lol. It was so cute! While I was gone, he dug my bra out of the laundry, and had it on his pillow on the couch. Rolling Eyes Such a man! Laughing I traded it back for the toy lol. Then we went for a nice long walk where he gathered his usual following of admirers. Walked through the Tim Horton’s drive through and got a plain timbit Very Happy His head rested on their window…it cracked everyone up. The whole store was over as close to the window as they could get looking at him resting his head there waiting for his treat.

One thought on “Happy Gotcha Day Luke!!

  1. Hi Luke and Jen,

    That was a beautiful montage of you guys. I hope all is well. Sorry I haven’t been visiting much…we will try to do better. We are fine, it’s been a beautiful fall so far down here…how about up there? Take Care.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane and Denise

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