Luke’s First Swim!

I took Luke down to the water again this afternoon. We can’t get down to the actual water line but I took some pictures to show you guys the view. We watched the boats and Luke explored all around.

The pic got cut off Crying or Very sad but he was giving me a big kiss Very Happy


And later today…..My two little sisters came over to visit. We decided to try another area where we could actually get to the water, and see how Luke would take to it.  He loved it…he got so mucky we had to give him a bath when we got home but we all had a blast. I’m so proud of him Very Happy

Here’s the pics

His first tenative steps with Becca & Leah
"What IS this?"

I’m not sure about this Mom!

SPLASH!!!!!!! Very Happy

What a time getting him to drop this treasure! Rolling Eyes

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