Playtime with Mom

Playtime With Mom

Mom always plays with me when I get bored. Whatever I want to do, is ok with her. Well Most of the time. People say I’m spoiled…well I don’t know why I shouldn’t be, I mean come on, I am Luke..the GREATEST Dane! 🙂
Mom makes me do some tricks before I get to play with her though. I have to do things like sit or down, and then I get the ball.

I have do go ALL the way down??? No fair Mom!

Come on Mom I’m sitting, just gimme da ball! Mom doesn’t mind when we make a mess either. She took alot of stuff out of our livingroom just so I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking things. She says it looks empty but she doesn’t care.
Tell me you’re not gonna eat my treat Mom!!

I’m gonna win! I’m stronger!haha

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