Never Left Out & Another walk through the trails

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I really don’t understand humans who think I shouldn’t be a part of EVERYTHING Mom does…I mean come on! She loves me best! I know she tries not to let her other human people know, but it’s pretty obvious if I may say so myself 🙂 So lately Mom’s been telling me that I should really let up on the possessive streak, and let her have some space with her humans. I don’t get it…you mean, you want to hug and kiss and touch people and I’m not supposed to be there? HUH? Sorry….no compute. Here’s some fun pics of just how well I’m doing with the new “let Mom have some space excersise”

Umm..EXCUSE ME?? What do you think you’re doing with my Mom’s lips??

Mom??? U ok??

Ok lady…we have to have a talk! Do the words “SHE’s MINE!” mean anything to you?

Ohhh you’re just playing?? Ok well let me in on the fun then!

Hmm…well that excersise went well I think…I didn’t eat anyone after all! 🙂
Today Mom and my human brother Tyler took me to the trails again. The snow is starting to melt and what a mucky mess of fun I had on the way back!!
Here we are walking…


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