Luke’s 1st Babysitting Gig lol

Luke’s first babysitting gig lol

Luke is in love…with a puppy named Lilly. 🙂 She lives upstairs with my friend and neighbor. He’s loved her since the day she came home, but because she was soooo small, we never allowed Lilly to actually be down on the ground and play with him, just in case. Although they did get to see eachother often as long as someone was holding her.
Well…Lilly has grown up enough so and had enough exposure to Luke that I felt it was now safe to let them play a bit. He was so excited to have her here, and I will be honest, I did worry at first because he is just so big and shhh (so clutsy at times lol) that I worried he might hurt her. He did great, so…I offered to watch Lilly for the afternoon while her Mom took my son and hers to the mall. Good trade if you ask me…I got the better end of the bargain!LOL
Here are some pics from their day together….

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