I’m Not Dumb!

I’m not dumb!!

I may not be the smartest dog on the block, but I sure aint the dumbest either! I know when Mom gets out of that shower thing and uses that machine on her hair, she must be going somewhere, and lately, that might mean she’s going to leave me behind. Well no way was I gonna let that happen last night! My little Aunt Becca was over, and I was just sure that Mom was going to leave me with her while she went out without me. Gasp…Now why would Mom ever want to leave ME???HUH?? Sooo…while she used that machine on her head….I did what I always do, I guarded her. Aunt Becca got some pics of me doing it 🙂
Uh oh…she’s got that thing again!
“You don’t have to leave me here, I’ll be good!”
“Really? We’re only going to the park??!! Yay!!”

“Thank you Mom…I’m happy now!”

My Mom Loves me!

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