Do NOT Get A Great Dane If:

Monday, January 4, 2010

These are just MY personal opinions…my take em or leave em basically.

Do NOT Get A Great Dane If:

You think that a dog has it’s “place” and that place is not with you.
If you want a dog that will automatically learn every trick you try to teach him, never make a mistake, never have it’s moments of refusing to do what you KNOW he/she knows how to do. They are not robots!

Don’t get a Dane…if you think that dogs should stay outside all day and only come in at night. These precious dogs NEED you…ALL of the time. To outcast them is to break their mind and spirit.

Don’t get a dane, if you think harsh commands and treatment is the way to train. They are extremely sensitive, and nothing will shut them down faster than having the one they love yelling, hitting or using other harsh methods to get your way with your dog.

Don’t get a dane if you worry about drool or slobber on your clothes, in your hair, ont he couch, EVERYWHERE! Those of us who truly love these dogs, clean it up with a smile because it’s just part of what makes them who they are.

Don’t get a Great Dane if you cannot comprehend that they are unlike any other animal, any other breed on the face of the planet. What works for one breed in training, behavior and otherwise may not and often times DOES not work with these dogs. They are unique, they are incredibly special, and they are truly a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to have them in their home.

They are not just dogs, they are family. They are your best friends, your confidantes. They will make you laugh and they will make you cry. You will worry yourself sick over every little hiccup and bump and bruise…sometimes worse than you did your own children. You will pray everyday that God is merciful and allows you to keep them in your life for longer than what is so often the case with this breed.

Do not get a Dane, if you are not willing to go through each and every stage they have with them. If having your furniture messed up or destroyed, your shoes obliviated, your clothes full of hair and drool bothers you….these are not the dogs for you. ((ALTHOUGH not every dane is destructive, you never know until you get one, it’s a chance you take until they’re trained))

Don’t get a Great Dane if the only reason you want one is their size, their ability to intimidate, just by their look and size alone. They are not there to make you look cool!

Don’t get a Dane if you’re not prepared to spend the extra money to buy a premium dog food and to research extensively the best foods to give them.

Don’t get a Great Dane if you cannot find humour in the silly things they do…in the zoomies that will totally wreck your livingroom but to those of us who love them, bring nothing but laughter and a smile to our faces.

If you can’t give 100% of your love, affection and care to one of these giants…then walk away and get another breed. Do ALOT of research and talk to people who live and love these dogs, find out what day to day life is REALLY like with them before taking that leap.

DO Get a Dane: If you want the best friend you ever had, the best cuddle partner, the funniest, the most gentle hearted, loving spirited creature on the face of the planet. You will never regret a minute of your time with a Great Dane if you truly love and appreciate them for just what they are.

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