All About ME!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello World…Dis is my blog. My Mom is writing it for me of course πŸ™‚
I can’t wait to meet other dogs with blogs. Since we don’t know any other Great Danes here where we live, Mom says this is as close to it as we’ll probably get.
So you wanna know about me? Ok here we go:
I’m a Black Great Dane. I was born on July 14, 2009 in Quebec.
I had lots of brothers and sisters, but fate made me stay with my Dog Mom until my Human Mom could find me and arrange to bring me home.
I came to my new home on September 16th, 2009. I flew in an airplane! I didn’t like dat much. Very loud noises and I was scared. But once I seen my new Mom standing there when dey brought me out I knew it was all worth it. I had come home…my real true home forever.

Mom was trying so hard not to cry. The mean cab driver wouldn’t let me get out of my cage to be in Mom’s arms…but I twied my best to let her know I waz happy to see her! I kissed her through those bar things…and was a very good boy da whole drive home.

I am very happy in my home with my Mom. She wuvs me soooo much! She tells me every single day, atleast a billion times πŸ™‚
My favorite thing to do is snuggle with Mom. It makes me feel good to be so close to her. Infact…I don’t wike it much when I can’t be close to her. And I let her know it too!
Things I Like:
My Hedgie (( a stuffed/squeeky hedgehog that my friend Loki gave me for christmas))
My squeeky hammer
My “baby”: a stuffed guinea pig toy that my big brother Tyler gave me when I first came here.
I LOVE treats..any kind will do. Mom likes to give me natural kinds though. I love jerky, any type of bone, especially the big marrow bones..YUM!
I am not a real active dog, although I do get zoomies once or twice a day. Mom always laughs even though I sometimes totally wreck the place :)-
I’m very good at getting brushed and having my nails done.
I don’t destroy stuff most of the time. Sometimes I like to rip the buttons off of the couch or take off with shoes, but it’s a game…they have to chase me to get them back! So much fun!
I like to play tug of war with Mom. She’s the only one allowed to play it with me. Sometimes she lets me win, and sometimes I let her win πŸ™‚
My favorite place to go is down to the playground/park at the end of our road. I get to run and dig in the sand, I LOVE to dig but I never do it in our yard.
I have a sister…she’s a cat. Hailie. And she is NOT nice! I don’t know why but she don’t like me…I try to be nice to her, and I don’t chase her or nothin…but she meows and hisses and sometimes she tries to scratch me…for NO reason! I don’t fink we’ll ever be close. Oh well…I have Mom.
Every night Mom and I curl up on our bed…and watch tv shows on her computer. Sometimes she has a treat, and I’ll steal a few…but now she’s bringing MY treats in so we can both have some once in a while. Dats always nice!
I grow so fast I amaze myself! Sometimes I feel like I’m in a giant body dats too big for me. I wanna pway with little dogs but I’m just too big and rough even though I don’t mean to be. HONEST!
I don’t bark much…only when someone is around our house outside, and only to let Mom know. I don’t keep yapping like some dogs. Mom wouldn’t like that!
I’m VERY good on a leash. Mom says I always was. It was like I was born knowing how to heel hee hee. Mom tries to take me out as often as she can but since I can’t handle the cold…we don’t get out as much as we used to. It’s SOOO cold here in da winter!
So yeah..I’m special..Everyone tells me so. I get alot of attention when we go places. Not many people in our city have seen a dog like me. I’m always very nice to them so they know we’re not a mean dog. Mom says I make her proud when I’m good. She always praises me no matter what I do right. Even though I have always known how to pee outside, she still praises me and tells me how good I am when I let her know it’s time to pee.
I think I have a great life here with Mom. She asks me alot if I’m happy…of course I am Mom! I have a Mom to love me and keep me warm and fed, she plays with me whenever I want, she lets me drool and slobber all over our pillow and in her hair. She tries to teach me new things all the time. I’m a lucky boy but Mom is luckier! πŸ™‚

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