A Day with my best friend Lilly

A day with my best friend Lilly

My best friend Lilly was here all day yesterday and over night and we had a BLAST together! She’s really kinda rough with me ya know…my cheeks are sore from those puppy needle teeth. Mom says I am a great boy for being so gentle and patient with her! We played and played all day and night, then Mom took us down to the park, and still we played until Mom did some training with us and it was time for a few hours sleep.


Please stop eating my face girl!

Yes you can play with my toys…Im good like that!

Look at how big my paws are compared to hers!Finally the little monster fell asleep! I’m soooo tired!
I love you Lilly but I don’t sleep on the floor…I’m a GREAT Dane! I get da bed or the couch at the very least.

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